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Graphic Design


Test Release


Dedicated Model

This model lets you hire developers, designers and project managers on a dedicated monthly model. Cost is fixed for every month or resources you hire.

By choosing this model, you are giving your complete project responsibility to your team who will work solely on this project with daily and weekly reports showcasing constant project progress.

Fixed Cost Model

This model lets you work with a Professional or a Team considering fixed timeline, scope and cost for a project.

By choosing this model, Clients are given a specific resource proficient enought to communicate directly as per their needs either be it Mobile Development or Web Development or Custom during Ongoing Project Execution.

Scope changes are minimal in this model as it is fixed upfront.

Time & Material Model

When client has an innovative idea in mind and no fixed timeline, this model can be the best. for Constant involvement and recurring scope changes T & M Model is perfect!

We work with clients daily, weekly, monthly and we charge an hourly rate on number of hours devoted by our team.

Scope changes are frequent in this model.