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Visitor Registration App

PowerApps & SharePoint online

Microsoft Power App built using MS PowerApps, SharePoint Online and Power Automate to automate visitor's checkin and check out processes from any businesses where visitor's checkin and checkout processes needs to be automated. Using Power Apps, Microsoft SharePoint Online, Power Automate technologies.

The Client is Switzerland based Microsoft product company and leading provider of Microsoft solutions since 2002. The client innovate and build different software solutions which helps companies to enhance overall efficiency and productivity of Team.

Business Need

The client requires a mobile application where they can facilitate check-in and check-out for registered users attending a particular event or meeting.

Before developing the Visitor Registration app, the client used a register to record check-in and check-out entries for visitors or guests. They desired an app capable of running on multiple devices to streamline the check-in and check-out process, reducing time consumption during these events. In this app, entering the registered customer's name automatically populates all relevant details, logs their check-in time into the system, and marks their presence. An email is sent to checked-in users, and a QR code is provided for check-out. Visitors can check out by entering their names, providing relevant details, or using the QR code sent via email. At the end of the event or meeting, the app automatically generates an Excel sheet of visitor entries, which is then sent to the event owner. The client emphasizes a user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing UI that is easy for anyone to learn.


  • Generate an email with a unique QR code during check-in.
  • Prefill details from the user's Azure profile.
  • Scan and verify the QR code during the visitor’s checkout.
Fixed Cost Model


  • Quickly and easily use this app for different events at various locations.
  • It can be utilized in various businesses where the check-in and check-out process is required.
  • Supports a rich UI and can be modified according to business needs.
Fixed Cost Model

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