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Outlook OWA Add-In

SharePoint online and Node.js

A custom outlook AddIn to allow users to book a room in Outlook OWA. Upon selecting the site, Location and Room Type, user will be able to see the available Rooms, Room Layouts, Equipment and Parking slots.

The Client is Switzerland based Microsoft product company and leading provider of Microsoft solutions since 2002. The client innovate and build different software solutions which helps companies to enhance overall efficiency and productivity of Team.

Business Need

The client has requested the development of an add-in that can extend functionality for users when creating an event or booking a time slot in Outlook on the Web (OWA). This tool will enable users to book rooms, parking, equipment, and catering.

Multiple rooms are available at various locations. Upon selecting the site, location, and room type, users can filter out available rooms and choose based on room description. Users can book recurring events, full-day events, or events for any specific period. Users can update their booking information from the Outlook calendar by selecting the event. Once the event is created, users can view the details in the Outlook calendar as well as in their email.


  • Fetch data from SharePoint and display it in Outlook.
  • Update the booked event in Outlook.
  • Image galleries fetch images from all categories.
Fixed Cost Model


  • Quickly and easily schedule conference rooms, temporary offices, equipment, services, and resources in Microsoft Outlook.
  • Support for the Outlook Desktop Version.
  • Centralized deployment of the Add-In through the Office 365 Admin Center.
  • Users can add and remove the Office Add-In themselves directly in Outlook.
Fixed Cost Model

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