How SharePoint benefited Cerner? -A case study

How SharePoint benefited Cerner? A case study

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Let’s read the below case study about Cerner and how SharePoint intranet has helped improve it’s operations.

About CernerHeadquartered in Kansas City, Missouri. It has employees working across 26 countries. For 40 years, Cerner has been healthcare technology services connecting people and systems across the globe. They have been creating solutions communities engage in taking care of their own health. Cerner has been supporting hospitals in their clinical, operational and financial areas with their latest technological tools.

Due to the data provided by Cerner, hospitals and other healthcare systems can make informed decisions for better management of day to day operations. This information assisted them to manage and engage people.

Challenge faced by Cerner – Cernas has over 20,000 employees working across the globe due to which finding the needed data and leveraging the internal data and knowledge across teams, departments, geographical regions was a task.

“One of the challenges we face at Cerner is gaining access to knowledge and finding experts around the organization” said John Moore, Senior Technology Architect at Cerner. “

There is so much expert knowledge developed by the local groups across various locations throughout the entire company. Like many large multinational companies, Cerner has many experts and groups with the most specific knowledge regarding various operations processes. To make sure that the right knowledge reached the tight team, Cerner needed a smooth and fast solution. They also needed to comply with the processes of the healthcare industry. Cerner was looking for a solution that could amalgamate and merge with its existing ecosystem. 

The decision made by Cerner – To enable smooth, flawless enterprise-wide communication and collaboration, Cerner chose to implement MicroSoft SharePoint intranet.

Requirement – Cerner’s mission is to transform healthcare for all by providing information in their hands. The organization has been concentrating on reaching the companies and other organizations to improve the healthcare of their workforce. To achieve this mission, Cerner needed a great and unified strategy to collaborate among it’s associates and provide real time access to information and to improve the communication. To achieve this, Cerner found the best solution Microsoft SharePoint intranet to implement and improve the collaboration among various associates and units.

Contribution of SharePoint to Cerner – The SharePoint application has helped Cerner share the expert knowledge to the right team at the right time. This application is inspiring the collaborators and associated to engage more and more to come up with more exciting ideas and have more meaningful communication.

“Teams are fantastic for working on projects and sharing information with the people you’re around every day, SharePoint is fantastic for pushing out communications.” 

– Lance Yoder: Manager, SSE Workforce Adoption

Why have Microsoft SharePoint intranet in your company –

  • The Microsoft SharePoint intranet application can make your daily operations very smooth and fast.
  • It can have the right data accessible to the right team at the right time.
  • It reduces the communication time and thus improves the productivity of the employees.
  • This Microsoft SharePoint intranet is easy to use.
  • It enhances the sharing and collaborating activities.
  • It is scalable and customizable.

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