SharePoint Case Study – McLean Farms

SharePoint Case Study - McLean Farms

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Here is a case study of McLean Farms and how it turned it’s day to day complex, time-consuming process into a streamlined systematic process using Microsoft SharePoint. This case study will surely make you think to apply SharePoint in your company. Do contact us for your SharePoint application needs in the UK and USA.

About McLean Farms: McLean Farms is a family-owned agricultural company. It is based in Pittsworth, Queensland, Australia. It is the leading producer of agricultural products like eggs, grain and cattle. In recent years, the company has grown and expanded and has doubled in size through vertical integration.

Challenge faced by McLean Farms: Since the company doubled its size in the past decade, it faced a shifting set of compliance and competitive challenges. Most of the day to day operations were done by the use of excel spreadsheets and were paper-based processes. They used network drives, telephones and fax machines, so whenever the order came in, people from the feed mill would have to travel for one day to take those orders. This certainly was wasting a lot of time overall and was impacting the productivity of the company.

The decision made by McLean Farms: The company decided to use Microsoft SharePoint application in order to streamline the day to day operations and cut down on cost and time. 

The requirement of McLean Farms: As the food safety regulation increased, the company needed to simplify and streamline processes for accurate and timely compliances. The company needed to automate the whole process to have real-time data to maintain the quality of products. 

The contribution of Microsoft SharePoint to McLean Farms: The company decided to use Microsoft SharePoint and saw the transformation in its operations and business at large.

  • Its manual, paper-based, and time-consuming operations turned to simplified, rationalized, and smooth processes.
  • Due to a lot of time-saving, the company’s QA managers, production analysts, and other key stakeholders were able to access and work on critical and important company data, capacities, and capabilities to improve their efficiency and productivity.
  • The cost involved in operations reduced the big time by the use of Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Microsoft SharePoint is highly secure.
  • The overall productivity increased at every step of the business.
  • With the use of SharePoint, the ordering process became more systematic and structured, quick, transparent, and accurate. It provided real-time status information which was very important to make decisions. 
  • The complete process of day-to-day jobs improved significantly.
  • Team at McLean Farms can now create various lists and link them to excel workbooks for data analysis. This process has made it possible to give the real time data to the quality team.
  • Through the use of Microsoft SharePoint, the other external shareholders, vendors, suppliers, animal nutritionists, consultants etc were able to access the required data which helps in better and improved coordination among them and in lesser time.
  • Microsoft SharePoint has been very useful in taking job requests and purchase requests.
  • The document management has been very easy since the application of Microsoft SharePoint.

“Now we use SharePoint to make the ordering process more efficient, quick, accurate, and transparent by providing real-time status information. That’s just one of the many things that have improved…. The whole SharePoint experience has been excellent for us.” 

  • Daniel Cantarella: Quality and Compliance Manager ( McLean Farms)

“If we hadn’t implemented SharePoint, we’d have had to increase our workforce just to keep up with the volume of work created by the development of our business. Thanks to SharePoint, we haven’t had to do that.” 

  • Rosemary Grundy: Production Analyst McLean Farms

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