SharePoint Case Study : Hess Corporation

SharePoint Case Study - HESS CORPORATION

SharePoint Case Study –  HESS CORPORATION

Here is a SharePoint customer case study about Hess Corporation. We shall explain how application of SharePoint in the company turned around the user experience thereby reducing the time and costs. 

About Hess Corporation: Hess Corporation is an independent leading global American company engaged in exploring oil, gas and energy solutions. It was formed by the merger of Hess Oil and Chemical and Amerada Petroleum in 1968 led by Leon Hess. 

Challenge faced by Hess Corporation: Cumbersome user experience when processing invoices. A well-trained user was required to approve the invoices in Hess’s old system. The users need to access and review the individual invoices and sometimes it meant going through 16 different screens in order to get related information like purchase order and other documents related to financing. It was a time consuming and tedious process. 

The user experience was generally inconvenient and cumbersome. Even approvals for simple invoices took much longer. And on top of this, it was not easy to delegate tasks for approvals to other team members, this led to delayed approvals. Invoice approvers followed a schedule that has them on the job for four days and then off for four, delays were normal and frequent. Vendors were not able to get paid on time. With over 15,000 invoices or more to be processed for approval every month, the incapability of the current invoice approval process had a serious impact on costs, operations and time. 

The decision made by Hess Corporation : Mason Bond, Senior Manager IT ERP at Hess, says, “We decided to redesign the business process around the way we approve invoices and manage costs. To accomplish this, we  needed a software tool that would allow us to group and see information from multiple sources in a single screen.”

Requirement : Reducing ERP complexity and delivering an outstanding user experience

Software used : The Invoice Approval App based on Microsoft SharePoint Server presents suitable and needed data in a single, intuitive screen that reduces and eliminates more complex and tedious actions. 

Contribution of SharePoint to Hess Corporation : The SharePoint application has helped Hess reduce the invoice approval times to a fraction of what they were leading to a much improved vendor relationship. Payments started to happen on time with minimal exceptions.

The SharePoint application has helped to bring greater value and better performances to Hess Corporation’s frequent financial processes.

SharePoint benefits :

  • The SharePoint application can turn around the way the daily operations happen in the company.
  • The SharePoint application can help to reduce cost involved and also help in reducing time involved in daily operations.
  • The team can collaborate in a single platform and work with each other seamlessly.
  • Coordination time among team members reduces by a great extent.
  • Effectiveness and effectiveness of the team increases.
  • Companies can expand on the basis of SharePoint application.

Here are some of the case studies on SharePoint and how SharePoint has impacted companies to perform better. 

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