What is SharePoint?


What is SharePoint?

In this blog we shall answer “What is SharePoint?” . SharePoint is a great collaborative platform that can take your business operations to the next level. It is browser-based and integrated by Microsoft Office and was launched in 2001. As per Microsoft, over 190 million users use SharePoint across 200,000 organizations. 

It is a web-based Intranet that can be used by the organizations to store information and data, organize data, edit data, share information and access information from any device very easily. This process can be continued without any difficulty throughout the organization. This certainly improves better and faster information flow from individual to the management. SharePoint takes the efficiency of the organization to the next level.

After going through a brief about ” What is SharePoint?” Let’s try and understand SharePoint’s technical aspects:

There are two pillars technically – the Windows SharePoint Services (WSS), the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) and Microsoft Search Server. Each of these two supports each other and brings its own functionality.

Windows SharePoint Services function provides the user access to the Versioning and Check-in/Checkout system. WSS can be scaled to add other additional collaborative functions like email alerts, shared calendars, etc.

Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) is on top of WSS and adds more of the additional and valuable features, both to the primary WSS layer as well as other methods for the end-user to collaborate/interact with the storage information. The data is occupied in a SQL Database. The information can be presented to the needed user using web parts in the form of different modules and also can be used for collaboration by different businesses as per their requirements. These areas can be document sharing and management records management,. Document editing and collaboration.

Then there is the Microsoft Search Server, this is an Enterprise Search engine that provides the advanced level of searching capabilities and indexing that can be unified into a MOSS Web-based interface.

After getting into the technical aspects of ‘What is SharePoint’ , let us get into the benefits of SharePoint.

Benefits of SharePoint:

  • The main benefit of SharePoint is that it increases the visibility of information and productivity of people throughout all verticals in large and small businesses.
  • It is very easy to use and maintain. 
  • It can be customized as per the individual requirements of the organization. It is scalable.
  • SharePoint is a web-based space where people can upload a document that can be instantly shared with other required team members. “Share” and “allow” features give access to needed documents with other users.
  • It makes daily operations very easy to manage and handle. The tasks can be managed and monitored effectively. 
  • Everything is centralized.
  • Robust security.
  • The learning curve is greatly reduced by the use of SharePoint.
  • It is cost and time effective. 
  • Employees can work from home and have access to all the required information and data for task completion. Read this blog to know more about it.

Here are some of the case studies that you would like to read as to how SharePoint turned around businesses.

Sharepoint Case Study – Velux Group 

The organization upgraded their SharePoint to have an integrated solution. SharePoint Online was the solution for them. It gave them better engagement, improved collaboration, and greater productivity.

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SharePoint Case Study: United Airlines

United Airlines is the third-largest airline in the world. They chose to upgrade their SharePoint to maintain their service catalog. By the use of SharePoint, they were able to reduce time to a great extent and also improved productivity to a great degree.

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SharePoint Case Study: National Bank of Canada

The National Bank of Canada has more than 400 branches with over  24,000 employees working across branches. It is the sixth-largest commercial bank in Canada headquartered in Montreal. It has a very large client base in millions. This case study is about how they chose SharePoint for better collaboration across the organization and teams. This has helped them to decide, analyze and serve in much faster ways.

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SharePoint Case Study : Carlsberg Group

From 4 small markets in the year 2000, this beer giant has seen mounting growth to 80 breweries in the year 2015. Over 9 billion USD as turnover, Carlsberg is growing stronger day by day. The biggest challenge in this growth that they were facing was the scaling of the IT infrastructure across the breweries they were acquiring. The employees across breweries were not able to collaborate and exchange information easily and this was taking too much time investment and was impacting the costs big time.  That’s when SharePoint and Microsoft office 365 came in as a boon to them.  Using SharePoint, all  the teams could collaborate and act in complete sync. Brewers were able to upload their recipes on SharePoint platform and globally the team can view and use it. Information and knowledge sharing became so easy for them.

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SharePoint Case Study : Toyota Indonesia

Toyota Indonesia is an automobile giant headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia with over 10,000 employees. Toyota Indonesia was facing a unique problem. Being situated in a heavily crowded city, it’s employees were many a time stuck in traffic. Adding to this, they didn’t have a good system where employees could access the needed and required information faster and easier.  They were too much dependent on paperwork. This caused a lot of time wastage and delays in task completion. By adopting SharePoint. These problems were solved, the employees were able to work with flexi hours and also were able to reach out to needed information in no time.

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