Sharepoint Intranet Development: 10 Key points to consider


Intranets are the best solution for enterprise collaboration! 

The Intranet is the future for running the enterprise effectively and efficiently and is going to be one of the most used products by companies.

SharePoint Intranet is one of the best-customized solutions provided to the companies by 200OK Solutions. We, at 200 OK Solutions, offer unique capabilities depending on the company’s exact needs and requirements. Through our SharePoint Intranet solution, the whole organization works in great synergy ensuring smooth flow of information with centralized data and knowledge. 

Here are 10 key points a company should consider when getting SharePoint Intranet development done

1- It should cater to the specific corporate environment of the company. that is, it should be built according to the company’s customized needs. It’s never a one-fits-all configuration. The points which need to be taken care of here are: 

  • Individual tasks.
  • Teamwise tasks and cross-team interaction and collaboration.
  • Organization-wide interaction and collaboration.  

These three layers are very important and proper thought and planning needs to be given to ensure a successful Sharepoint Intranet is developed for the company.

2- Capabilities need to be defined for individual work as it is the starting and important point of every task. This point should be about individual activities and responsibilities. It should also have personal details of the employee at a single place. Employees can use this medium to share insights and their interest areas which in turn improves team building.

3- Coming to team and cross team collaboration and interaction, this medium plays a very important role. SharePoint Intranet offers many great features and sites where teams can store their content, communicate easily, manage projects successfully, share knowledge and much more.  

4- Enterprise collaboration should be managed at a single point which is easily accessible to all the employees. On the homepage of every SharePoint Intranet, the landing page has all the company related information.

5- Access to information should be managed as needed by the company. This is a very crucial point when collaboration and data sharing happens. Customized and limited access can be managed despite physical location.

6- Reducing time is again a factor that should not be ignored while getting the SharePoint Intranet developed. Time is money and this product can help companies save a lot of time and money. It can reduce the interaction time making the data and information shared at a single platform.

7- User adoption should be taken care of as companies may get SharePoint Intranet developed but then no care is taken if employees are using it the way it should be. Employees should be encouraged to use this as this platform will really improve their performance.

8- Companies need to ensure proper safety and protection of the SharePoint Intranet. Proper checks should be in place to avoid data leaks etc.

9- SharePoint Intranet should not be cluttered with unnecessary data and information. Useless content will again waste employee’s time.

10- Regular updates should be done which are needed to improve the performance of employees and teams.

SharePoint Intranet is a great tool for managing and running an organization effectively but proper planning before getting it developed is mandatory to get the best out of this.

Being an IT company and successful consultant of SharePoint Intranet, 200OK Solutions shall assist you in the planning and successful deployment of SharePoint Intranet in the company. All the team members, project managers and consultants are always available to assist you with any query. So, if you are considering the development of SharePoint Intranet in your organization, do contact us.

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