SharePoint Case Study: United Airlines


SharePoint case study

today is about United Airlines. With 85000 plus employees, 385 airports served, 14 million passengers served, united airlines is one of the busiest and successful airlines. It is the third-largest airline in the world.

Today’s SharePoint case study is a bit different. It is different because it is not about how they choose SharePoint but about how they upgraded their SharePoint.

United Airlines has been using SharePoint since 2001 for both internal and external Enterprise Content Management solutions.

One of the important aspects of their IT stuff was a service catalog. Any employee needing anything related to IT had to go to the service catalog. Be it be issuing desk ticket or ordering printer it was through the service catalog

The challenge which United Airlines faces were the maintenance of service catalog. It was a bit too complex and needed programming skills to publish catalog items, so only those employees who had programming skills could work that out. Time consumed to add items in the service catalog was also a bit too much and at times it took two months to do so.

The existing Service Catalog contained approximately 600 items and was available in Excel format. By using a standard list feature, United Airlines extracted information from Excel and imported it into a single list in SharePoint Server. This list was then enabled as a SharePoint catalog. 

With their goal to have improved service catalog which is easy to maintain, reduces time to add an item , improves engagement, is easily searchable, United Airlines upgraded to SharePoint Server which had many of inbuilt features to meet their goals and with a bit of customization it was ready to go.

With improved service catalog, the productivity of employees increased with faster excess, easy to maintain, and time consumed to add items reduced from months today and in some cases from months to hours!

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