SharePoint Case Study : VELUX Group


SharePoint case study today is about Velux Group. With 9500 plus employees, manufacturing units in 11 countries, and products being sold in 40 countries, the Velux group is a danish company operating since 1941.

Like our previous case study, today’s SharePoint case study to is different. It is different because it is not about how they choose SharePoint but about how they upgraded their SharePoint.

Velux Group already had a pre-existing intranet based on SharePoint. It was named as VELUX ONE.  It served the company for a long period but with penetration of smartphones, mobile-centric became the right theme for Velux Group too and their existing SharePoint intranet was not serving their new goals. Yammer and Teams was other Microsoft products that Velux was already using and wanted to integrate as a holistic solution.

Answer to their need was SharePoint Online. It was an obvious choice for Velux since they already were beneficiary of SharePoint earlier.

“SharePoint Online was the logical choice for VELUX One. It offers strong integration with the rest of Microsoft 365 and better search capabilities. Because it mostly provides what we need out of the box, it also greatly reduces our reliance on custom code.”

Harris Medović, Enterprise Solutions Architect

Hence came Velux One 2.0 which help velux group to modernize their intranet with better engagement, collaboration, and productivity.

Velux One didn’t give access to the production team . Velux didn’t give computers to the production team and hence larger part of their team members were excluded in the system . Velux One 2.0 included them and with smartphones being with each teammate, the ideas from production team too came flowing in, increasing the bonding, engagement and overall job satisfaction.

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