SharePoint Case Study: National Bank of Canada


SharePoint case study today is about National Bank Of Canada. The National Bank of Canada has 24,000 employees and 400 plus branches. It is the sixth-largest commercial bank in Canada. It is headquartered in Montreal and has million personal clients.

The National Bank Of Canada is continuously adapting to new and better ways to serve their customers in a better manner. Their mobile employees are improving services by meeting clients at locations where it’s most convenient for them.

National Bank Of Canada adopted Microsoft technologies wholeheartedly which has transformed how they do their business. As this being a SharePoint case study, we shall be focused on Sharepoint, rather than other Microsoft technologies.

SharePoint has improved the processes and caused opportunities for collaboration among various employees and teams in much better and effective ways. For e.g. before adopting SharePoint, National Bank of Canada used to have 15 odd financial planners fill in their views, comments, analysis on the customer feedback form, in an excel format. The reviewer used to collate and organize all the 15 sheets, which meant he/she would have to go through 15 emails which would make it a difficult and time-consuming process. 

Now with the use of Sharepoint, all can work on singular documents concurrently on SharePoint site. This has increased collaboration and has had faster ways to decide, analyze and serve.

Executives also use SharePoint to post videos. These videos are used on the bank’s intranet to explain new strategies. It has increased engagement and communication across the team and as per management, it is working to reinforce a culture of unity.

SharePoint in this case too has helped in three most important areas: Collaboration, Engagement and Communication. 

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