SharePoint Case Study : Carlsberg Group


SharePoint case study today is about Carlsberg Group.

The beer giant has seen exponential growth from 4 small markets in the year 2000 to 80 breweries in the years 2015. With a turnover of 9 billion USD, Carlsberg is strong and growing.

For companies that expand leaps and bounds, challenges to scale the IT Infrastructure too, comes into the picture. For Carlsberg, this challenge was huge.  By acquiring new and new breweries, they used to inherit IT infra of those companies too. What it meant was they had multiple IT systems that were not able to talk to each other. Also, it meant working on multiple systems, having high maintenance costs, and low productivity.

Carlsberg Group has over 41,000 employees worldwide and having multiple IT systems meant these employees could not collaborate, communicate and function at top gear. 

To deal with the situation, they could have gone for “from the scratch” new IT infrastructure but that meant huge cost in terms of money and time investment. Latter, being far more significant!

That’s when SharePoint and Microsoft office 365 came in handy. Today our

Sharepoint case study

is based on how the Carlsberg group dealt with their challenges. They shifted the entire team on Office 365 and SharePoint. Using SharePoint, the entire team could collaborate and function in sync. Brewers could put their recipes on SharePoint such that globally the team can view and use it.  Sales representatives could access the information faster and share it with their clients online, thereby improving customer service and productivity. IT Teams could use SharePoint to implement designs, minutes of the meeting, etc. 

Carlsberg avoided the whopping 2 million pounds cost on IT infra and also avoided delay of years, which gave them a competitive edge, better collaboration, better productivity and smooth functioning of the complete system.  

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