SharePoint Case Study : Toyota Indonesia

SharePoint case study

SharePoint has had a phenomenal role in changing the way people work. Here we are sharing SharePoint’s case studies. Our first

SharePoint case study

is about Toyota Indonesia.

Toyota Indonesia is an automobile giant which makes automobiles and parts. Headquartered in Jakarta, Indonesia with 10,000 employees, Toyota Indonesia has a unique problem to deal with.

Being based in one of the worst traffic congestion cities in Jakarta, Toyota Indonesia used to face challenges wherein the employees were often stuck in traffic. On top of that, they didn’t have a robust system where they could access the needed and required information easily and faster. Employees used to depend heavily on paperwork.  This used to cause a lot of wastage of hours, delay in reports etc.

In our today’s Sharepoint case study to summarize, the challenges Toyota Indonesia faced were :

  • Lack of a system for easy access to files.
  • Too much paperwork.
  • Piling up of files which made it more difficult to search the needed files and also raised concern about file security.
  • Difficulty in coordination between employees.
  • Delay, lack of productivity, etc.

That’s where


came into the picture. By implementing SharePoint, Toyota Indonesia could resolve above-mentioned challenges.

Now they can give opportunities to employees to work from anywhere with Flexi hours. With files stored in the cloud, employees need not come to the office to access information. Employees know where to search for files and get access for which they are authorized easily. They can easily collaborate and communicate with each other and this, in turn, has increased productivity and also given job satisfaction. SharePoint makes file sharing more secure with authorization and the best aspect of it is that there is no huge piling up of files or paperwork now!

SharePoint can change the way things work for you. If interested ,do get in touch with us.

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