How Sharepoint Intranet helps in working from home?

Sharepoint Intranet Work From Home

Work from home is the buzzword amidst these tough times. Coronavirus brought major disruption and caused a sudden breakdown. For most people, it has become mandatory to work from home. While work from home has been a place for some companies, for the majority, it is a totally new world. As a responsible human being, it’s our responsibility to follow the directive of the government and if the guideline is to stay home, we need to stay home to keep us and our loved ones and fellow human beings safe!

But work from home brings different challenges. Work from home needs different structures and adjustments for team members to perform. How do you bring forth the same level of intensity at home?. How do you collaborate?. How do you manage communication with team members or the boss? And most importantly how to keep employees engaged effectively?

One of the best ways to resolve all of the above concerns/issues of working from home is

SharePoint Intranet!

While SharePoint Intranet can help you and your team in more than one ways. We are highlighting a few points :

  1. Manage Documents :

The beauty of SharePoint Intranet is how easily one can modify and send documents across. It has a very powerful search which can help in getting the right file from the central organization’s repository. Also, it has access control.  Authorized people can access documents. Another important aspect of SharePoint Intranet is version control which helps tracking all the records.

2.Collaborate :

Integration with Office lets team members to co-author documents, collaborate and work together  in a more efficient manner.


This is a very important aspect in today’s time. The current situation has created huge uncertainties

among all and your team members are not immune to the same. Many people are not used to  working in isolation. Yammer in SharePoint based intranet is a perfect example of this socializing through intranet features. Even at home, you feel your friends from work are with you, and you can quickly jump into getting more jobs done.

In conclusion, Sharepoint Intranet is a decision which every organization needs, even considering the future we are walking into, working from home shall increase, not just because of the pandemic but as a way to work. Till that happens, wishing everyone to remain at home, stay safe!

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