Do I need Sharepoint Intranet?

Sharepoint Intranet

Do organizations need

SharePoint Intranet

when there are many tools available now, both from Microsoft ( Maker of SharePoint) and non-Microsoft?

Short Answer to this would be – Yes, every organization with a decent team size needs 

Sharepoint Intranet

Effective internal communication is a powerful force that not only helps organizations to be more successful but also helps enrich employees. –   Paul Barton, ABC

Here is why organizations need Sharepoint Intranet?

When you have a team size which is 10-15, it’s like one small family with a shared vision, trying to achieve a common goal. Communication is easily possible, over a cup of coffee or over office lunch. Engaging employees is easy too with a direct feedback mechanism. Collaboration between teams too is manageable but once you scale up, how do you ensure the team is internally well communicated, on the same page and engaged? Rules of the game change then and new rules need new structures and systems.

You need one place to give information, put policies, give access to certain things to certain teams, coordinate with clients, engage employees, have a feedback system, have organized communication between teams.

That’s where SharePoint Intranet comes into the picture.  For all sized organizations, it helps in having a single platform instead of using multiple tools, thereby assisting in reducing cost and better professional management, helps in better communication, collaboration, enables knowledge sharing, reduces inefficiency and assists in better management. 

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Sharepoint Intranet Fact:  Here is a great example of Advocate Health Care. They shifted their intranet on SharePoint Intranet Online and every four years, they were able to save $400,000 in infrastructure plus it was highly cost-effective in annual maintenance.