What are the benefits of SharePoint Intranet?

What are the benefits of SharePoint Intranet?

On 5th Jan 2020, Intranet Design Annual declared that out of the top ten winners, five were made on SharePoint. This is not the first time that in the list of winners, SharePoint Intranet has lion shares of 50%. It has had this esteemed achievement year on year!

Microsoft introduced SharePoint in 2001 and it remains one of the most used platforms, with 190 million users across 2,00,000 customer organizations!

So what are the benefits of SharePoint Intranet?

There are many benefits of SharePoint Intranet, here we are listing a few of them:

Improved internal communication and collaboration.

With SharePoint Intranet, one can improve internal communications and collaborations, taking it to the next level.

Robust connectivity across diverse locations and time zones.

SharePoint Intranet gives robust connectivity across diverse locations and time zones which makes collaboration seamless.

The searchable platform for quick access to find information.

Access to information in a faster, quicker ways helps in being more organized, saving lead time and aid in decision making.

Drive rewards and recognitions transparently.

Who doesn’t like rewards and recognition? .Using SharePoint Intranet, organizations can drive rewards and recognitions more transparently.

Simplified employee induction and onboarding process.

Employee induction can be done in a highly simplified way and the onboarding process becomes easier.

Role-based accessibility to modules, departments, and knowledge-sharing.

SharePoint Intranet gives accessibility to modules, departments based on roles set.

Reduced email collaboration and project introduction meetings.

SharePoint Intranet reduces email collaboration, project introduction meetings saving considerable time, energy, and impact the cost of the project positively in the long run.

Enhanced employee engagement and participation.

One of the most important challenges for HR in any organization is employee engagement and participation, SharePoint Intranet helps in aiding HR goals and also helps in the overall experience of employees.

For both, large and medium-sized companies with multiple teams & divers collaborative patterns, SharePoint Intranet is the right solution.

Summary: SharePoint Intranet helps in better collaboration making things easier, faster, and also ends up saving money. For e.g.,  one of Illinois’s largest hospital systems, Advocate Health Care claims to save over $50 million owing to the increased productivity of its employees collaborating with SharePoint and Office 365.

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