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Your business and your employees need to be in sync, if you are to operate efficiently and to grow. You deserve the same from your enterprise software. 200OK Software Partners are extensions of our business. They deliver seamless integrations that support your business in the cloud. They know that efficient integrations are essential differentiators if your business is to operate at its full potential.

We have industry acclamation by authentic bodies’ certification and recognition with elite Fortune 500 members- Microsoft and Intel. When you select us to help take your business to the next level using innovative IT technology, you’ll be getting far more than the expertise of a leading IT consulting firm.

Microsoft Partner

200Ok Solutions is proud to be a Microsoft Certified partner with a branch of 640,000 strong network of partners, vendors and service providers worldwide. As a Microsoft Certified Partner in India, we have access to the latest and greatest Microsoft technologies, such as SharePoint 2013, the most innovative technology to develop Intranet portal for enterprises.

Intel Software Partner

At 200Ok Solutions, we develop applications that run on Intel architecture and technologies. Intel provide us with a range of resources designed to help develop, optimise and market applications specific to your company quickly and in the most cost-effective way. We develop and deliver each project with research, analysis, planning and implementing strategic development approach throughout.

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